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Beyond sheet metal processing

Beyond sheet metal processing

Plate processing, which we are really at home in, but

take a look at our own designed and manufactured products. Let's start with perhaps our most complex product line, the public toilets. As with many of our other products, we not only designed and manufactured the frame structure of the building, but also developed a Clean Toilet Technology (3T), which covers the operation of the technology from the street furniture-like public toilet to the operation of public toilets in built buildings. During the operation of the toilet, in a pioneering way, we develop several special building engineering solutions. For example, a hand-washing module that works for hand approach (downward control), odor extraction from the toilet bowl and the building at the same time, monitoring the operation of the toilet via the Internet, if the need arises, WC - Guide remote monitoring system...

We have been manufacturing infrared flushing systems and infrared faucets almost since the beginning. Here we would like to highlight our intelligently operated urinal flushers, which adjust the amount of water used for flushing to the traffic. We manufacture complete complete medical sinks, which on the one hand are sheet metal processing, but our infrared medical faucets and disinfectant dispensers, which work with built-in special software, all work with special software developed in-house.

The production of self-designed products is closely related to plate processing

This is how we develop and manufacture stainless drinking fountains, stainless urinals, stainless sinks, stainless shower columns, sanitary equipment for highway rest houses. Our special field is the development and production of vandal-proof sanitary equipment, accordingly we manufacture vandal-proof water-saving sinks, toilets, and stainless steel furniture for prisons and refugee camps. In the course of production, 90% of our products are made of stainless steel, stainless steel, and the remaining parts are made of aluminum and carbon steel plates.