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sheet cutting

2024. 05. 07. 14:31:17

Design with PTC Creo ™ Hungary's market-leading, high-end CAD/CAM/CAE system

In 1999, based on world economic trends, production and sheet metal processing requirements, and last but not least, the requirements set by our CNC sheet metal processing machines, our company made the decision to purchase a 3D complex engineering design system for high-quality and fast design. This is how we chose the Pro Engineer 3D design system, whose newer generation system PTC CREO 3D is now used. The PTC CREO 3D design system gave and gives us the opportunity to be able to respond to market demands with our products within an acceptable time, and to present the planned product to our customers in the form of a model. we can send it.

3D Design with PTC Creo design system

2024. 05. 07. 11:04:10

We have a lot of experience in machine production, in the field of custom and purpose-built machine production!

Machine production, the design and production of individual or special purpose machines plays a decisive role in our activity. Our partners in the production of individual or purpose-built machines are mainly companies in the building machinery, vehicle industry, machine industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry and food industry. For them, we manufacture special unique and special equipment made of stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized sheet.

Individual machine prodaction, assembly

2024. 05. 03. 13:44:48

Type JDHGM-3006 hydraulic tilting beam - plate shear

The machine is suitable for cutting metal sheets. Maximum cutting length 3100 mm. The maximum thickness of the plate that can be cut is 6 mm for normal carbon steel, and 4 mm for stainless steel. The maximum cutting capacity is 15 strokes/minute. The equipment is equipped with 90° and 45° side stops, as well as a motorized rear stop, with which the cutting distance can be adjusted with an accuracy of 0.1 mm using electric control or manual adjustment.


Hydraulic beam - plate shear