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CNC Punching, nibbling

Sheet metal processing on a CNC-controlled punching machine, during which the CNC sheet metal processing machine prepares the workpiece after a series of successive punches or punches according to the specified coordinates. The pre-prepared tools in the revo head punch holes in the plate according to their shape and size, and by stepping, punching, cutouts and sheet cutting operations other than the size of the tool can be performed.

CNC punching, nibbling

Boschert Twin Rotation 1250x2000 type CNC controlled coordinate punching machine

The CNC-controlled machine tool is suitable for the production of parts made of sheet metal using the cold forming process. Actions that can be performed: punching, rounding, bending, eye drawing, gilling, rolling, etc. The equipment has two tool heads, one of which can be rotated. In this way, vertical holes can be punched at any angle. Tool holder 1 is equipped with a Revotool 7 seven-socket tool head, while tool holder 2 is equipped with a Revotool 4 four-socket tool head. In addition, both tool holders are also suitable for individual Trumpf tools. Various deforming tools can be used in tool holder 2. The operation of the machine is hydraulic, its maximum pressure force is 280 kN. The movement range of the machine is 1250 mm in the direction of the Y axis, 2000 mm in the direction of the X axis. The size of the board that can be processed is 1250x2500 mm, in the case of tape, 1250x10000 mm with gaps. The maximum plate thickness that can be punched is 6.4 mm in the case of normal carbon steel, depending on the hole diameter. The largest tool diameter for individual tools is 105 mm. Positioning speed in X/Y axis direction 60/30 m/min. The positioning accuracy of the machine is +/- 0.05 mm. Its punching speed is a maximum of 275 strokes/min. The machine tool control system is the LABOD CNC software. 50 punching programs and 500 tools can be stored in the memory with the drawing of the tool or directly on the company computer network via the RS232C interface. The production equipment has a large set of tools for the widest possible use.

Punching, nibbling