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Individual machine production, assembly

We have a lot of experience in machine production, in the field of custom and purpose-built machine production!

Machine production, the design and production of individual or special purpose machines plays a decisive role in our activity. Our partners in the production of individual or purpose-built machines are mainly companies in the building machinery, vehicle industry, machine industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry and food industry. For them, we manufacture special unique and special equipment made of stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized sheet.

Individual machine prodaction, assembly

Taking into account our production capabilities, we are able to produce an extremely wide range of products, from stainless steel hospital container trolleys, extreme-sized sinks and washing machines, hand-washing counters, paper industry equipment, food industry hygiene access doors, forced showers, mixers, to telephone booths with a brushed surface or containers suitable for transporting radioactive waste. to design and manufacture equipment for our partners.. Our available 1,400 sq.m. plant hall and 1,100 sq.m. warehouse buildings enable production using the appropriate stainless steel, carbon steel or stainless steel raw materials, electronic and other components. We regulate our production activity and the processes that affect its quality within the framework of a quality management system, according to the ISO 9001 -2015 standard.

We have significant design and manufacturing experience in the design and manufacture of equipment, machines, copper and stainless steel industrial fittings and production tools made of stainless and carbon steel plates. An important part of our product selection is our own product selection listed in the price list.

The available production tools and production technologies provide the following processing methods: sheet metal processing, bending, grinding, pressing, chipping, rolling, welding, plasma cutting, spot and bump welding, cutting, cutting, shot blasting. In Hungary, only B&K kft. designs and manufactures automatic street furniture type and constructed public and highway toilets.

 Individual machine production, assembly

We produce and maintain the tools necessary to meet individual needs in our factory, thus reducing tool costs and the price of the products to be manufactured.

If you come to us with ready-made plans, we will manufacture the product that best meets your expectations in a short period of time. In fact! If you do not have the plans for the devices to be manufactured, but you already have the ideas, our design colleagues, armed with their many years of experience and a 3D (PTC Creo) design program, will prepare the plans for the elements to be manufactured, and after consultation, their production can begin!

It is important for us to produce quality equipment that performs its tasks problem-free during everyday use with maximum precision and in compliance with the specified deadlines, keeping in mind the needs of our customers.

Machine equipment from our own products,  Our custom prodactions realized

 Individual machine production, assembly