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Stainles steel surface treatments

Stainless steel machining,

as the last phase of sheet metal processing, the surface design (finishing) is carried out. In the case of products and parts made of stainless steel, we can choose the appropriate process from pickling and passivation, polishing, grain spraying or brushing. Here we must mention the cleaning and maintenance of ready-made stainless steel products and equipment. The surfaces of products made of stainless steel must be cleaned of dirt accumulated during use, for this work process we recommend our "maintenance and cleaning of stainless steel surfaces" recommendation!

Stainless steel machining

Polishing of products made of stainless steel and sheet metal

Polishing is one option for the surface design of stainless materials. Polishing is a technological process during which the surface of the workpiece is made finer and more reflective with the help of suitable grinding discs and polishing pastes. During polishing, the abrasive polishing paste applied to the surface of the polishing disc polishes the surface, which must be applied to the surface of the disc several times during polishing. As a result of polishing, the surface of the polished workpiece becomes shiny and homogeneous. Polishing makes the finished product more aesthetic, more hygienic and more resistant to surface influences.

Polishing of product

Brushing stainless steel

Brushing is one of the most well-known and perhaps most popular ways of treating visible surfaces in the design of products made of stainless steel. Brushing greatly affects the aesthetic value and appearance of the manufactured product. During the brushing work process, it is necessary to use abrasive material of different grain fineness, the goal is to create an aesthetic surface by brushing, which in kitchen technology, interior design, and the food industry provides a more uniform, matte and at the same time elegant appearance to the product.

Brushing stainless steel

Granule spreading equipment, grain spraying

The floor area of the ATK 4*2.8*2.6 granulator cabin or room is 4 x 2.8 m and the interior height is 2.4 m. The surface of the workpiece delivered to the work area is cleaned with a manual compressed air shot gun. The shot blasting is done with glass beads of 400-600 microns. (Dispersant filling: approx. 1.4 t glass beads)
Shot blasting is primarily suitable for finishing the final surface of welded structures, parts, finished products and various objects made of stainless steel or light and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper), and surface cleaning by shot blasting. Mainly to reduce the very labor-intensive, manual grinding and polishing operations, as well as to achieve a homogeneous, velvety surface of the products, in order to give them an attractive decorative appearance. With this method, not only the quality of the surface finish is excellent, but also considerable manual labor can be saved.

Granule spreading equipment, grain spraying