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Sheet metal processing, machine manufacturing

Production of sheet metal parts and sheet metal products, machine production for more than 30 years.

In the course of our activity, we partly produce our own developed products, and partly for our partners, e.g. street furniture-type automatic public toilets, we design and manufacture unique products in 3D, and at the same time, we also produce parts and equipment with sheet metal processing on a contract basis. Stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum sheets are used as the raw material for the products formed by bending, punching, cutting or finishing.

Beyond sheet metal processing

Plate processing, which we are really at home in, but

take a look at our own designed and manufactured products. Let's start with perhaps our most complex product line, the public toilets. As with many of our other products, we not only designed and manufactured the frame structure of the building, but also developed a Clean Toilet Technology (3T), which covers the operation of the technology from the street furniture-like public toilet to the operation of public toilets in built buildings. During the operation of the toilet, in a pioneering way, we develop several special building engineering solutions. For example, a hand-washing module that works for hand approach (downward control), odor extraction from the toilet bowl and the building at the same time, monitoring the operation of the toilet via the Internet, if the need arises, WC - Guide remote monitoring system...

We have been manufacturing infrared flushing systems and infrared faucets almost since the beginning. Here we would like to highlight our intelligently operated urinal flushers, which adjust the amount of water used for flushing to the traffic. We manufacture complete complete medical sinks, which on the one hand are sheet metal processing, but our infrared medical faucets and disinfectant dispensers, which work with built-in special software, all work with special software developed in-house.

Design with PTC Creo ™ Hungary's market-leading, high-end CAD/CAM/CAE system

In 1999, based on world economic trends, production and sheet metal processing requirements, and last but not least, the requirements set by our CNC sheet metal processing machines, our company made the decision to purchase a 3D complex engineering design system for high-quality and fast design. This is how we chose the Pro Engineer 3D design system, whose newer generation system PTC CREO 3D is now used. The PTC CREO 3D design system gave and gives us the opportunity to be able to respond to market demands with our products within an acceptable time, and to present the planned product to our customers in the form of a model. we can send it.

3D Design with PTC Creo design system

Our sheet metal processing toolkit has been expanded again, in our laser workshop we also undertake 3D laser cutting of metal sheets and shaped steels! Our Microstep MSF 3001.15L+T500 fiber laser cutting equipment can cut parts with complex geometry in 3D with a single process. In terms of starting material, there can be flat plates, pipes, closed sections and individual complicated products, which are processed by punching, cutting, and cutting in a single step.


Laser cutting in 3D as well

Sheet metal processing on a CNC-controlled punching machine, during which the CNC sheet metal processing machine prepares the workpiece after a series of successive punches or punches according to the specified coordinates. The pre-prepared tools in the revo head punch holes in the plate according to their shape and size, and by stepping, punching, cutouts and sheet cutting operations other than the size of the tool can be performed.

CNC punching, nibbling

Edge bending as sheet metal processing

one of the most typical plate forming work phases. Accordingly, our company undertakes the cold bending of sheet metal parts.

Edge bending as sheet metal processing