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Welding, welding procedures

Welding procedures, INVERTIG 260 AC/DC Digital AWI/TIG shielded gas welding equipment

The welding equipment is suitable for welding direct and alternating current sources, all unalloyed and alloyed steel, precious steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum and its alloys. The adjustable welding current can be infinitely varied between 5 and 260 A. The arc is ignited with a high-voltage, high-frequency ignition device. The welding machine can also be operated in pulse welding mode. The machine is managed and adjusted via the Dialog system, using the Dialog screen. 12 preset welding programs can be stored in the memory. Applicable shielding gases: argon, helium, argon-helium mixture, argon-hydrogen mixture.

Welding, AWI welding machine.

Tungsten electrode arc welding with argon protective gas

Welding tasks for products made of stainless steel, aluminum and stainless steel, which are performed with the INVERTIG 260 AC/DC digital AWI/TIG shielded gas AWI welder.

Tungsten electrode arc welding

Stud Welding

BMS-9 butt welding equipment

BMS-9 revolutionized stud welding technology. For the first time, it is possible for the operator to recognize all important operating conditions at a glance using the LED on the gun, which plays with the colors of a traffic light. This greatly facilitates the operator's work and significantly improves the quality of the welds.

BMS-9 welding equipment

Product features of BMS-9


  • Easy selection of welding parameters
  • Inverter switch for maximum welding performance
  • Automatic recognition of the stud welding gun
  • High performance with compact construction and light weight
  • Automatic saving of charging voltage
  • Short charging cycles to increase productivity
  • Precise display of charging voltage
  • Monitoring of all functions via the clear display
  • Welding range M3-M8, or dia. 3-8 mm for stainless steel, aluminum and copper

The Soyer BMS 800-90 is a butt welding machine

This pin welding equipment is recommended for work with thinner plates of 0.5-3mm thickness, as the entire cross-section of the welding pin is welded with a penetration depth of only 0.1-0.3mm, so that even on the back of the thinnest welding surfaces, no burn marks or deformations occur, even if the the back side is coated with plastic, foiled, or galvanically treated.

Soyer BMS 800 90 butt welding machine

Carbon dioxide protective gas consumable electrode arc welding

The procedure is suitable for fixing plates and shaped steels by welding, in accordance with the arising welding demand. It can also be used for continuous, spot, line and intermittent line welding.

Carbon dioxide protective gas consumable electrode arc welding

TECNA 8206 type resistance spot welder

The machine is suitable for normal carbon steel, alloy steel, brass and aluminum spot, bump and seam welding. Rated power 63 kVA, max. welding power 170 kVA. Maximum welding current for aluminum is 26 kA, for steel 20 kA. The length of the spot welding electrode holding arm is 540 mm. The distance of the bump welding plane from the machine is 420 mm. The equipment is equipped with a TE-180 type microprocessor welding controller, in which 15 welding programs can be set and stored. In each program, up to 16 welding parameters can be set, from the simplest possible 4 steps to the most complex. These are e.g. ramp-up, pulsation, post-heating, pressure increase, minimum and maximum current limitation, cooling time, etc. The plates to be welded are pressed together by a pneumatic cylinder with a compressive force of 1242 daN. The material thicknesses that can be welded are 4 + 4 mm for normal carbon steel, 3 + 3 mm for stainless steel, and 1.5 + 1.5 mm for aluminum.

TECNA 8206 type resistance spot welder